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Zorro V2 Styled Bottom Feeding Rebuildable Atomizer RDA

Discussion in 'Catfish Atties' started by trlrtrash13, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. trlrtrash13

    trlrtrash13 The trash of thy trailer.
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    Nov 28, 2015
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    The long awaited, highly anticipated, Zorro V2 squonking atomizer from Angel Cigs has arrived. What to make of it? Oh, what to make if it! Let's start with build quality. If someone told me that @debinnv had milled this thing out by hand with her Dremel in her back yard I would verify that with her before blaming her for the devastating setback that this atomizer is to the machining industry. A picture is worth 1,000 insults, so here we go.

    The machining is so imprecise that you not only can see the marks, you can feel the marks and get little strands of cotton hung up on them. Edges are sharp, parts fit together poorly, and the materials are low grade. I've handled a ton of atomizers, and this is the second worst build quality I have ever seen. It is literally shocking to behold. Like look, look away, deep breath, look again, no don't.

    All of that being said, the design isn't terrible. Split positive post makes for easy dual coil building, but there is no single coil option. The juice well isn't very large, but that's not important on a squonker. The post holes on the negative posts are large enough for some of your twisted wires, yet staying true to the disaster that this thing is, the positive post holes are barely large enough for 20 gauge and won't fit most of your twisted builds. So at this point, you assume the screws will break your wires, but they don't. They screw down firmly, make a good connection, and resistances don't jump around.

    Now at this point you should be prepared for anything, good or bad. You're probably not. Look at this picture here.

    Notice the juice welled up on top of the positive post? You guessed it. That's where the squonked liquid comes out. Sheer lunacy, I tell you. And with the bottom air flow it is sure to leak, right? Amazingly it doesn't. I removed the cap and watched the liquid flow in. It hits the coils, so it has to leak down into the air flow right? It doesn't. Inexplicable.

    This is the sleeve. Notice the spit back control in the top? It can't be removed. This also cools down the vape. I have a .15 ohm build in there and the atomizer gets hot but the vapeis barely warm. Also, notice the mangled bottom of the sleeve. "Tell me those are just paint chips, Steve." No. Those are gouges into the metal. Sharp, angry little skin ripping shards.

    So... let's do a little pros and cons, shall we?


    It's machined like a $5 atomizer. The sleeve is hard to get on and off. It comes filthy with machine oil. It has sharp edges where none should be from machining. It squonks from the top of the post. The spitback control isn't removable, limiting air flow and (subjective con alert) cooling the vape.


    It is a $5 atomizer. It is easy to build on. It comes with a chuff cap or drip tip adapter. It has a reasonable amount of airflow. The air from under the coil is nice.

    At this point I want to rip into this atomizer and call it garbage, but I can't. The vape on it is actually pretty nice. Flavor isn't great, but it is good. Clouds aren't "blow your mind" huge, but they are dense and respectable. Even with the odd location of the squonk hole on the inside, it works. You just have to tilt it front to back to make sure both wicks are getting juice when you squonk it. I have not had a problem with dry hits or over squonking. Would I buy another one? Well, it's $5. Despite the odd design and horrendous build quality, yeah, I sure would.
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  2. Exodus

    Exodus The Original Crew

    Nov 28, 2015
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    what a write up !! haven't seen one like this for a good year now ,china has reallt been on top of things and then there is this ,what ever ya wanna call it .i tend to stay away from attys with that type of air flow ,mainly for the juice down the air holes issue

    you should be able to dremel a few slots down lower on the positive post
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