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Discussion in 'General E-Cig Discussion' started by Christine Joy, Mar 5, 2020.

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    Mar 5, 2020
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    The Vapefly Kriemhild Sub-Ohm Tank is an exceptional example of what’s possible when a quality vape manufacturer works closely with a popular vaping YouTuber. This is the third project that German 103 member dampfwolke7 has worked on; in partnership with Vapefly. The first being the universally celebrated and top-selling Brunhilde Top Coiler RTA, which essentially put Vapefly on the map in mid-2019.

    Since then Vapefly has released two other products that included the Holic RDA and Brunhilde MTL RTA. The Kriemhild does share some welcomed similarities to previous Vapefly products, such as the heavy use of brushed stainless steel and iconic top cap decoration. The Kriemhild Sub-Ohm Tank is undoubtedly beautiful but also surprisingly features some ingenious engineering decisions.


    Sub-Ohm Tank
    The Vapefly Kriemhild Sub-Ohm Tank is 26mm’s in diameter and stands 55.5mm’s in height. While slightly taller than most other tanks, I feel the size is still proportional to most dual battery box mods. On top, you have a really nice curved 810 drip tip. Furthermore, it feels natural on the lips. The top-fill system features a unique pull ‘n’ push mechanism. It’s spring-loaded, super easy to use, and also guaranteed to not accidentally open.

    Just under the top cap is a subtle logo and small glass section. The Vapefly Kriemhild Sub-Ohm Tank can hold an impressive 5ml of eliquid; most of which is hidden behind the stainless steel chassis. You have the option between three mesh coil heads that include a Ni80 0.2ohm single, KA1 0.2ohm dual, and Ni80 0.15ohm triple. An RBA version is also in the works. The flavor I got from all three coils was superb, to say the least!


    The coils boast a modern plug ‘n’ play system that is housed within a specially designed chamber. This chamber will block off your wicking ports automatically when the coil is pulled out and re-open when the coil is placed back in. As a result, you can change your coil with a full tank of eliquid, without any leaks. A few manufacturers have tried this before, but haven’t pulled it off as flawlessly as Vapefly.

    On the bottom is an adjustable airflow ring with knurling. The resistance is firm but easy to manipulate. Turning the ring will reveal two massive cyclops airholes. With the airflow wide open I could produce large clouds of vapor with ease. Closing the airflow increased the overall flavor saturation. The Vapefly Kriemhild Sub-Ohm Tank is a pleasure to vape on because each draw is buttery smooth.


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