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Review on PUNK 220W Box Mod

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Ellas, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. Ellas

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    Jun 15, 2018
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    This review is from sourcemore.com reviewer Timwis, you can get the original one via https://www.ecigssa.co.za/tesla-punk-220w-box-mod.t52013/

    Aesthetics and Ergonomics

    The Punk 220W box mod is the dual battery version of the single battery Punk 85W and like it's smaller brother is a real looker. The Steampunk design possibly makes both versions of the Punk amongst the best looking device's available. The device has some weight to it but it's that expensive reassuring weight you get with a very solid well made device. The Punk 85W i use sometimes when i'm out and about but for someone with small hands like me the 220W version is a bit on the large size to carry on the go. Both front and spine of the device tapers to meet the side panels which helps with comfort when using, it's not bad at all ergonomically apart from the size. Both sides of the device as a perspex covering through which you can see 2 different steampunk designs, one of these designs include 3 rather large LED's, the other houses the micro USB port towards the front. Although LED's don't sound like they fit into a steampunk design the raw way they are done helps them fit in and i think they look great. I received the Antique Brass version, the device is also available in Black, Antique Copper and 7-Colour, all versions look equally gorgeous. The front of the device houses the screen centrally, has a very nice round fire button at the top and up and down buttons towards the bottom, above the navigational buttons there is another button to control the LED's. The Spine of the device is featureless, the bottom is the battery door which has etched safety stamps, branding and venting. Finally moving to the top of the Punk 220W we have to one side a 510 plate with Gold plated, spring loaded 510. The Build quality of the Punk 220W like the 85W version is very impressive and there is no button or battery rattle whatsoever.

    Punk 220W Specs and Features:

    Size: 56 x 30 x 86mm
    Battery: 2x 18650 High discharge cells
    Compact and Portable Box MOD with Punk Style Design
    Equipped with Bright OLED Screen
    Unique RGB LED Flash Mode
    Max Output Wattage: 220W
    Output Wattage: 7-220W(in 0.5W increments)
    Max Output Voltage: 7.5V
    Max Output Current: 50A
    USB: 5V/1.5A
    Output Mode: KA/TC-SS316/TC-Ni200/TC-Ti/TCR mode
    Taste Mode: Norm/Soft/Hard/User
    Memory Mode: M1/M2/M3
    Resistance Range: 0.1-3.0ohm for KA/0.05-1.0ohm for Ti/Ni 200/SS316/TCR mode
    Temperature Range: 100-300℃/200-600℉
    Material: Zinc alloy+ABS+PC
    Thread: 510 thread
    Colours: Black, Antique Brass, Antique Copper, 7-Colour

    Using the Punk 220W mod

    The battery door on the base of the Punk 220W is very good as it's held in place with both a catch and magnets so it's not going anywhere, the only thing is the door comes completely off so make sure you don't lose it, the Punk 220w takes dual 18650's and orientation is clearly marked. To turn the device on or off is 5 clicks of the fire button and pressing fire and down together locks the device but still allows the device to fire. All the information you need is on the screen and the display is nice and bright, top left we have the resistance, underneath this we have voltage (this changes to wattage in temp control), under this we have the preheat within a rectangle and beside this your mode within another rectangle. Going back to the top of the screen to the right of what's already been described is the wattage (this changes to temperature when using a temp control wire). Underneath this we have an elongated battery status bar with the status also being shown as a percentage. Finally bottom right is a square with an "M" inside, this means nothing is chosen but this can be changed to M1, M2 or M3, and are your memory slots. The user interface on the Punk 220W is really good, it has everything you need on a device yet no fancy menu system to enter simply move around the screen and make your changes. 3 clicks of the fire button highlights the resistance, from here simply use the left and right buttons to highlight different things, when you reach what you want to alter press the fire button then alter or scroll through the options it gives you before pressing fire again to set. Resistance you can lock or unlock, Preheat gives you the choice of, norm, hard, soft or user, if you pick user it brings up your 10 second curve that can be set (if curve is set, while vaping the curve graph is displayed). When choosing the mode it comes up with the choice of, KA, NI, TI, SS and TCR, KA is for Kanthal but forget that it just means you will be in wattage mode and your coil doesn't need to be Kanthal at all. Choosing one of your TC wires will obviously change the wattage display to temperature but now where it did display the volts displays wattage that can be altered for temp control. Finally we can highlight and select M to select or alter and then select one of your 3 memory slots. The device like i said has all the features yet altering or choosing anything can be done so quickly, the user interface has to get top marks.

    The LED's

    The Punk 220W is a four button device but where normally that would mean the device has a select button to help the menu system run more slickly no need with the punk, as already mentioned the menu system works great with just the use of the navigational and fire buttons. The extra button on the device is solely for the LED's and as an LED fan (shallow as i am) i really like this feature as the lights can be set to the mode i like without having to enter the menu system. The button works equally well for those that don't like LED's as they can be turned off again without going through the menu system so it's a win win as far as i'm concerned. Pressing the button brings up LED M1, then another press changes it to LED M2 and so on, up to LED M5, finally after LED M5 is LED OFF. When you have set the LED's to the mode you want or to be turned off then pressing the fire button sets your choice and the device goes back to the main screen.

    My Experience Using the Punk 220W

    First thing to say is i don't do temperature control so no idea how the Punk performs that way and i also don't have access to charts so i review a device as i find it as a vaping experience in power mode. I don't need charts to be dubious about the 220W claim i doubt it will top the 200w but i may be wrong, but what i can tell you it vaped great and all wattage's i vaped at seemed very accurate although personally an uncomfortable 120W (and it felt 120W and i could tell there was plenty left under the hood) was as high as i vaped using the device. I tried various tanks on the device and vaping at low wattage the device kept silent. When firing there is no delay and the fire button feels very nice and is easy to find, the wattage increases and decreases in 0.5w increments which is a big pro. I tend to use the curve feature when it's available and it's done very well on the punk. The battery life seemed as good as i would expect from a dual 18650 device and i had the LED's on, the device is also firmware upgradeable. My only issue using the Punk 220W is the poor positioning of the 510, a centre mounted 510 would of course been better but on the Punk 220W it's positioned far too much to one side especially when taking into account the device as cut corners. The 510 as well as being too close to where the corner tapers away it's also offset from side to side (only slightly) which is a bit of a head scratcher. This all results in even a 25mm tank slightly overhangs the tapered cut corner (even though not the device), although you need to be eagle eyed to notice it and in my opinion 25mm tanks look fine but even a 26mm starts to look odd.


    A very well balanced device between build quality, looks and performance.


    Very solidly built
    In my opinion looks stunning
    Performs very well in wattage mode (TC not tested)
    Temp control
    Separate button for LED's
    510 seems very sturdy
    Solid battery door
    No rattles whatsoever
    Good Ergonomics (just not to carry about if you have small hands)
    All 4 colours look great
    Very easy menu system
    0.5w increments
    Battery life seems good
    Firmware upgradeable


    Will fall short of 220W (pretty certain)
    510 not centred
    Very heavy
    Quite wide (not a on the go device if you have small hands)
    Over 25mm tanks have noticeable overhang where cut corner tapers away.

    where to order this Punk 220W MOD --> https://www.sourcemore.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Punk+220w

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