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Project Sub-Ohm® S200™ DNA 200 Box Mod

Discussion in 'Temp Control' started by trlrtrash13, Feb 10, 2016.

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    Nov 28, 2015
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    This mod is an exclusive from VaporDNA. It it part of their Project Square line of mods, which falls under the Project Sub-Ohm branding. Got it? Good. It's the S200 mod, and it is powered by the Evolv DNA200 board. Thus, all of the features of the internals are standard DNA200 components, and as such I won't get into all of that. It is made of high grade aluminum, and it is powered by 3 1300 mAh LiPo batteries in series. The threading on the 510 c0nnector is Stainless Steel, and the positive contact in the 510 is silver plated. Here are some pictures with other popular mods for a size comparison.

    The easiest mod to use for a size comparison is, of course, the Squonk Mod by Steam Crave. It is slightly taller than that device, slightly thinner, and not quite as wide. Against the Hammond 1590B boxit is slightly shorter, about the same width, and the rounded edge of the mod is the length that is wider.

    I find the mod to be very comfortable in the hand. I also had @ms.mona use it and she found it to be comfortable to use, although she is accustomed to the IPV mini (pictured above) and greatly prefers that form factor. All of this, of course, is a matter of personal preference, but the mod is not unreasonably large by any stretch and should be pretty easy for anyone to hold.

    The finish on the device appears to be anodized, and there is no "grippy" texture to it. It is a little slick in the hand, but again the shape and location of the buttons make it still easy to hold and fire. It is not a fingerprint magnet. The branding on it is small and nicely done for the PSO logo, and a little larger and less classy for the Project Square "S" but it is still a nice mod. One of the coolest features is the cutouts on the side. They leave a strip of exposed aluminum which gives it a classy look and, as you will notice in the picture directly below, is only visible from certain angles. Very nicely done.

    The 510 connector is spring loaded, and does have cutouts for those 5 people who still use devices that get their airflow from the bottom. In case you are one of those 5, here it is pictured just for you.

    As you look at the face of the mod, you will see venting for the chip at the top of the device to help keep the chip cool. There are two additional venting sections (not pictured because they are both exactly the same as the one on the face) on the bottom of the mod in case the batteries go. The buttons are a little mushy but still clicky, and there is no rattle at all from them. They are very nicely done in a beautiful royal blue color, and there is a matching raised insert on the screen cutout.

    The battery life on this device is very reasonable, and it will largely depend on your vaping style and frequency. Yesterday I used it from the time I woke up with two different devices, one at 40 watts and the other at 50, and got roughly 9 hours off of a full charge. Using it with a dripper at 100 watts I got right around 3 hours.

    All in all I love this little mod. Do you need one? Not really. As things go with these devices today, there are a ton of options out there for your DNA200 mods. If you like the way this one looks, than by all means give it a try. If it doesn't strike your fancy, than there is no uniquely different feature to make it stand out over any other DNA200 device, so go with one that suits you better. I'm loving it myself, and if you do decide to fork out the cash for this one I think you will like it too. Here is the link to where you can get it, and if you need a code to save a few bucks on it you can use this one to save $10.
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