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Lost Vape mods

Discussion in 'Temp Control' started by Snert, Jan 8, 2017.

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    Nov 29, 2015
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    So, if you've read my "I Just Got..." post about my experiences with the Therion DNA 75 squonker and SS 316L wire, I wanted to pass along my further experience.

    When we left off, I had a Velocity V2 clone built and electrically stable. Well, apparently not. Popped those coils as well. Nasty burnt taste and then glowing coils (which anyone that pays attention to material analysis knows is BAD)! I thought maybe it had something to do with changing wire. I'd run out of YouDe wire a while back and switched to KP SS 316L wire. So I grabbed a standard dripper off of my Dicodes mod, built with the YouDe wire and tried it. I popped the coils on that one too. Aarrrgghh!

    So being at my wits end, I rebuilt with 28g Ti wire. Stable... as... f*ck! I had read somewhere that one of the advantages of the newer Evolv chips was better handling of TC with SS wire. Off to the Evolv forums.

    My search yielded this link...


    It's not a long post, but here's the crux of it.

    "Anyone with the Therion please do not use the 316L loaded by Lost vape, it is not correct. If you check the profiles loaded by Lost Vape the 316L,430 and the kanthal are all the same."

    Fired up eScribe (and after updating it), was not surprised to find that, sure enough, the SS 316L "curve" matched Kanthal to a "T". I dug up the SS 316L CSV I used on my Reuleaux DNA 200, rebuilt with KP SS, and life is good.

    So, long story short... if you buy a Therion (I'd be wary of a Triad as welll) and want to use something other than Kanthal, Ni or Ti check your material curves! It's likely that you'll need to update them.

    Kinda sad that the mods ship with material definitions that are just wrong. For your average vaper, that's gotta be frustrating.

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