1. We are a group of vapers dedicated to all things rebuildable. We have a solid user base of experienced rebuilders who enjoy sharing our knowledge and learning from each other. We have a healthy mix of cloud chasers, flavor chasers, temp control, and kanthal builders. We also have a broad base of knowledge on mods, batteries, and toppers. Please consider joining us and contributing to our community. Whether you are here to teach or to learn, we welcome your participation and look forward to chasing that perfect vape together.

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  5. Healthcabin
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    Is that a mech in your pocket?
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    Ms. Trixy
    There is nowhere I'd rather be than vaping with you.
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    Ms. Trixy
    There is nowhere I'd rather be than Vaping a healthy life.
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  14. trlrtrash13
    trlrtrash13 KC918
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  15. KC918
    KC918 trlrtrash13
    Hey I bought a lucifer mod today obviously before I had read your post about them I know it's in parallel but when I put my rda on it it just automatically started firing like I had the trigger held down and I had to pull the battery to get it to stop do you have any ideas on how to fix that
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    2. trlrtrash13
      Yes, the positive tab can get bent into a position where it is touching the positive block. If you take it apart you will be able to see if it is doing that. Also if you have that little parallel grounding washer in while it is in series mode that might cause it to auto fire as well.
      May 3, 2016
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    We are a forum that specializes in rebuildable atomizers and advanced personal vaporizers. Founded from the scrap pile of the late great Rebuildable E-cigs Forum, we continue on in our search for the perfect vape. We welcome new and experienced builders alike.